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Self-Renewal Warrior Journey

Let’s grab coffee or tea and chat about what’s on your heart!

Renew Your Heart, Health, and Life!

There are likely millions or billions of ways to cultivate health, happiness, connection, centeredness, meaning, and integration of body, mind, and spirit. Each of us are examples of what is possible. Are you doing the work necessary, getting out of your own way, and/or letting go of what isn’t serving you in order to cultivate what you need to experience those things?

Have you been wishing for a companion and guide on your journey?

Having your own Fairy Godfather of Self-Renewal will make the journey feel more connected for your most important and vulnerable transitions and transformations while also supporting you to get deeper access to your internal magic and wisdom.

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

Brené Brown

As your Fairy Godfather of Self-Renewal, I give support and training to fellow self-renewal warriors to aid them in their own journey to nourish, move, connect, grow, and ignite their spirit a little bit more each day.

Nourish Yourself

No matter how healthy you eat or how much you work out, if you are continually stressed, exhausted, lonely, bored, and/or uninspired, you will never feel really healthy and thriving . Life is too short not to be actively supporting what your heart, body, and mind need from you to shine bright! My work is to support and nudge you as you connect to your own inner wisdom and magic to cultivate the most important areas of your life.

Self-Renewal Support & Training

A football coach helps players play football better, a running coach helps you improve and gain confidence as a runner, and a self-renewal coach helps you improve how you self-renew.

Self-Renewal are daily practices in how we show up for ourselves, the choices we make (or don’t make) to revive, remake, replenish, or resume our best selves; when they are the right practices for us, we feel them in our body, heart, and soul.

Bill Heitman – Fairy Godfather of Wellness

Renew your heart, health, and life! Meet with me, your Fairy Godfather of Self-Renewal over coffee or over video chat to connect to the magic and power you hold within yourself. Explore the dreams you have with your life and health and cultivate your most important and vulnerable transitions and transformations. I will hold space for you to go inward for your inspiration and answers, ask probing queries, and collaborate with you to curate the most powerful and effective self-renewal practices for your situation and life.

Bill Heitman – your Fairy Godfather of Wellness

My name is Bill Heitman and I come to you and share my work as your Fairy Godfather of Wellness. My heart’s calling is to share knowledge and experiences while holding space to support you, so that you can find your own deeper version of living a healthier, more connected, and powerful life!

In addition to my training as an integrative nutrition health coach, massage therapist, and yoga teacher, I have studied multiple modalities of bodywork, completed training to be a physical therapy assistant, and explored an array of personal development work over these last several years.

I share three powerful practices in addition to the blogs you’ll find on this site. They are here to support you in your own journey of self-renewal and to transforming and transitioning the most vulnerable and important areas of your heart, health, and life. Let’s take a journey!

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