Re-defining broken and imperfect

If you and I have had any kind of deep conversation in the last few months, you probably know that I have been doing lots of reading around the Enneagram. (Some of you are saying this is a massive understatement!) I became really curious about it’s instructional possibilities for cultivating unique forms of self-renewing practicesContinue reading “Re-defining broken and imperfect”

My First Father Figure

Fred Rogers was the first father figure I had in my life. Throughout my childhood I’d watch Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood practically every day, sometimes multiple times along with Sesame Street and Electric Company. He’d teach me interesting ideas and depth about ordinary things. He’d share ways that I could deal with difficult emotions. He’d inviteContinue reading “My First Father Figure”

Tuesday August 13, 2019

Could one conversation change your life? Back in 2013 I was working at a German restaurant as a server and bartender to make my way through physical therapy assistant school. We headed into our busiest weekend of the year, St. Patty’s day, which would fill the entire restaurant, bar, ballroom, and biergarten at some points,Continue reading “Tuesday August 13, 2019”

Monday August 12, 2019

When it rains it pours? The true answer is sometimes. Today for instance was a delightful sprinkle. Our Midwest Summers can produce wild and unpredictable storms, but today was different. I had planned to take a brisk walk this afternoon and just a few steps in, the drizzle started. It was glorious. Part of myContinue reading “Monday August 12, 2019”