My First Father Figure

Fred Rogers was the first father figure I had in my life. Throughout my childhood I’d watch Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood practically every day, sometimes multiple times along with Sesame Street and Electric Company. He’d teach me interesting ideas and depth about ordinary things. He’d share ways that I could deal with difficult emotions. He’d invite me to think in new ways. And most importantly he’d remind me that he liked me just the way I am.

Forty years later, I find myself craving that kind of nourishment in my life all over again. It’s why I have focused on deepening my relationships with a few important people in my life, hired a coach and mentor, and found communities for my spirituality, health, and holistic work. I think that we could all benefit from being connected with Mr. Rogers kind of figures in our lives right now. Someone that can demonstrate kindness and the courage to feel their feelings no matter how they are feeling. A person that encourages creativity, individuality, and taking care of ourselves so that we can better take care of those around us.

It is in that spirit that I created my practice as Fairy Godfather of Wellness. I want to help you feel nourished, supported, and seen for the greatness you already carry inside of you. To challenge you to be brave in exploring your feelings, your passions, dreams, and creativity, and reclaiming your path by taking good care of yourself a little better every day.

Our physical body and our mind are the only instruments we have to serve our heart and spirit in this one short precious lifetime. We must take care of each so that we can live a meaningful, empowered, connected life. I invite you to join me in exploring the depths and expansion of yourself, your truest, most loving and creative self. You are supported and loved and whole. The world needs your light to shine now more than ever.

With love and light,


your Fairy Godfather of Wellness

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